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I’m tired of the bullshit and the fact we’re never on the same page 
I hate the way you smirk at every single fucking thing that I say 
And I think… 
I think right nows the perfect time to tell you that we’re taking a break 


Lavender Town - Free Throw | lyrics

POZ Stream: Grandview, Free Throw - Split




Grandview and Free Throw will be releasing a new split via Meadowbrook Records on June 15th. Pre-order the split via Meadowbrook here and stream the split below after the jump.

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Stream our split with FREE THROW!

Grandview and FREE THROW Acoustic Split

9 plays Recall, Recede Grandview Absolutely Nothing


Grandview | Recall, Recede 

I can’t shake this feeling in my bones, that you’re just the girl who’s too scared to let this go, and I’m just the boy who, no matter what, no matter fucking what, can’t seem to stay content. I guess I’m better off alone. 

9 plays Ropeswing Class Picture Class Picture / Gutless Wonder Split


Class Picture - Ropeswing

Pick my thoughts so carefully, before I hit the water below me.

109 plays Unique New York Batten Down The Hatches Batten Down The Hatches | Random Holiday


Batten Down The Hatches - Unique New York 

I wonder if ill ever get tired of hearing myself speak 
About the caverns of my heart, and if there’s a missing piece. 

Grandview - Recall, Recede

Absolutely Nothing - Free download